Clean Boats Co. is committed to keeping our customers happy. We service a range of clients – from weekend boaters requesting routine cleaning services to New and Pre-Owned boat dealers requiring full detailing services. Our Down Under Diving Services keep boat bottoms clean, thus enabling boats to perform efficiently and to their best ability in competition with the greatest fuel efficiency. In addition, we assist distressed boats that require under water services. Our primary goal is to keep you enjoying your investment.

The Clean Boats Co. crew is dedicated to paying attention to every detail. Each employee is trained, fully insured, and experienced in boating. The Down Under Diving Team is certified in scuba diving. Not only do we know how to keep the bottom of your boat clean, we also pay careful attention to any kind of damage that may occur to your hull or gear throughout the yachting season.

Avid sailor, surfer, and entrepreneur Kevin Malloy founded Clean Boats Co. in the spring of 2006. His goal was to establish a small business that combined cleaning and diving services to boat owners and boat dealers in harbors along the South Shore of Massachusetts. During the first summer in 2006, Clean Boats Co. serviced 100 clients from New Bedford to the greater South Shore region. Today the Clean Boats team have expanded the business and now service more than 10 harbors along Massachusetts' southern coast and into Rhode Island!

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