Keep your boat bottom clean for better overall performance, during competitions, and for greater fuel efficiency!

Our Down Under Diving Services include:

  • Hull Cleaning:  Water line to keel, trim-tabs, running gear, and propellers
  • Hulls that are overly fouled will be subject to higher charges and priced per foot
  • Guaranteed on-time cleaning is available to meet racing schedules

Sign up today online or by calling (339) 933-0666.


If you and your boat are in distress and require a diver immediately, take advantage of our 24-hour diving service (available only in the 10 harbors listed under Ports of Call).  This One-Time Service is effective and reassuring when you need to examine a hull, propeller or a mooring.

Our One-Time Services include:

  • Mooring checks
  • In water hull examination
  • Distressed boats requiring diving service

Sign up today online or by calling (339) 933-0666.

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